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EcoDyn DC6V3W (LED Light or USB Charger) Bike Dynamo generator
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Brand: SUNUP
model: EcoDyn DC6V3W (LED Ligh or USB Charger) Bike Dynam
Specifications: DC6V3W
Price: 140.00 USD/set
Min quantity: 1 set
Quantity: 50 set
Deliver: In days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2024-02-23 09:04

SunUp USB charger DC dynamo for bikes.
Power in cycling. Power output for USB charging or LED lighting while cycling. Ride and charge your USB power bank with SunUp dynamo. The more you ride, the more power you can charge. Keep yourself well connected wherever you're traveling with your bike.

EcoDyn DC6V3W (LED Light or USB Charger)
Features and descriptions:
-Standard dynamo cable with wires ends.
-USB charger socket cable with wires ends.
-One time single use only. Either dynamo LED lighting or USB charging. Switch off LED light while USB charging.
-Max. power output DC6V3W at riding speed 20-25km/hr.